About Audit Fees Paid

The founders and executives of Audit Services Pty Ltd were involved in the creation of the first Tax Insurance product in 1989 and the creation of the modern day, much broader Audit Insurance product launched in 1997 and continually enhanced since.

The executives have extensive national and international experience in insurance, finance and accounting and have been closely involved with the accountancy sector for decades. Indeed, one of our team is a CPA board member.

Audit Services has a comprehensive understanding of this sector and Audit Insurance is just one of a number of unique services we provide to the accountancy sector. As many have commented over the years 'Audit Services originates, whilst others copy' .

The executives are the originators of several Audit Insurance products, including the market leading Audit Insure product, underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited since 2003. Indeed, Audit Insure is the product of choice of Australian Insurance Brokers and a similar Gov Audits product by New Zealand Insurance Brokers.